Workplace Services

Finding the right key to unlock your potential or that of your staff on the Autism Spectrum can be a challenge.

Decipher Zone provides a range of consultation and training services to assist in understanding different perspectives.

“Not everything that steps out of line, and thus ‘abnormal’, must necessarily be ‘inferior’”

Hans Asperger (1938)

Decipher Zone workplace consultancy services span executive and team level:


Leadership Coaching


Team Development




Individual mentoring



Translating how adults on the Autism Spectrum can think and interact in the workplace, assists in responding to your staff, your colleagues, and your own experiences. Deciphering the Autism mind can assist with areas such as:

     Interpersonal interactions and team cohesion

     Matching strengths with best fit tasks and roles

     Work quality and productivity

     Transition to management

     Personal wellbeing

“Don’t underestimate a person with autism. Try to understand them.”


For Managers & Executives

How can I access your assistance?

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What are the indicators that a staff member may have an autism mind?

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For Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Can you help me identify my strengths and a job that fits?

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What would individual mentoring involve?

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